4NEW — Announcing The New Website – Power Plants, Pre-Sale Launch And New Profit Estimation Tool.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an article about the 4NEW project, but don’t let that fool you that everything has gone quiet on their front. I think it’s about time I update everyone in the community on some of the amazing changes and progress the team has made so far in 2018.

Firstly, some breaking news regarding the Token Sale. A few weeks ago, the ICO was paused to implement KYC and make sure that all investors complied with anti money laundering laws, well we now officially have a date it’s back.

Alot of people have been complaining about the wait for the token sale to start back up (The same people who have apparently never heard of ‘Good things come to those who wait’) these things take time to implement, and can be delayed by third parties, the team has given hints at sound ground breaking news in these 45 days, so keep an eye open and i’ll post update articles as soon as I hear anything.

Some of the best news to come this year is that they have not only passed the soft cap, smashing it and raising $41.5MM so far, but they have now secured the rights to 2 fully functioning power plants.

Last week a YouTube video was nearly leaked by me to the world via Telegram(Opps!) showing exclusive drone footage of the new 4NEW plant, well now I am officially allowed to show the community, so here it is, from a drones eye view, and an inside tour with the team:

Birds eye view Drone footage:

Here’s the plant from the inside:

As you can see from the above, the team has been hard at work in the background pushing these deals though. Combined the plants both produce a total of 10MW of energy so far, with plans to expand this in the future and when the ICO finishes. This puts the team a whopping 9 months ahead of their schedule to have the plants operational, im sure we all agree that a delay of one month, is worth it to push the entire project forwards 3/4 of a year.

I’ve seen alot of people ask ‘How much is KWATT worth’, ‘Why should we invest’. the below figures all pulled directly from the 4NEW website, and indicate what the possible NPV of each KWATT token is worth.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Net Present Value calculated in the equations below is simply the present value of all future cash flow anticipated from the energy produced over the lifetime of the plant on a per kilowatt basis.

Net Present Value (NPV) = $6.26

This is not a representation of the value of utility coin. External influences may cause the coin to be priced higher or lower than these projections. (Such as supply and demand when it lands on exchanges, pumps and dumps etc) Valuation analysis is not a guarantee of any returns or results.

In previous articles seen in news.bitcoin.com CEO, Sandeep Golechha had the following to say on the future of 4NEW;

“With a global plan to scale this localized solution addressing the waste surplus and the energy shortfall crisis, 4NEW will not only revolutionize the blockchain network but also standardize digital assets as a means to transact business within a conventional setting making 4NEW the global utility token.”

A few months down the line, it’s safe to say that they are certainly keeping to their word, alone with the above acquisition of the two fully functional plant, they are planning to build from scratch an entire new plant in 2019.

4NEW COO Peter Teasdale on location for the first plant

(with work on the land currently underway!)the plant will have a waste processing capacity of 72 tons per day, which will produce around 43,800 megawatts of power per year, which translates to roughly $5 Million in power sales — This leads me onto another massive update of 2018. What will be done with the power generated by the plant?

All information I’m about to provide below comes from the new and updated whitepaper, if you haven’t already, id highly suggest taking a look and reading through yourself, you can find the whitepaper here.

As of today (16 April 2018), bitcoins energy consumption is close to overtaking that of Switzerland (up-to date stats and all comparison figures can be found on the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index) with an estimated mining cost of $3,048,791,493 per year. This means that for every single transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain, enough energy is consumed to power 32.89 U.S households for an entire day and a whopping 0.27% of the WORLDS today energy supply. If that isn’t crazy enough, the average car in the U.S produces 4.7 tonnes of C02 in a year, BTC produces that equivalent in only 10 transactions.

Simply put, if this level of growth continues to happen for BTC, it will not be sustainable both for the levels of C02, and emissions it produces and for the insane amount of power that a single transaction on the blockchain requires.

This is where, if you haven’t guess by now4NEW comes into play. With 100% of the plants energy coming from renewable sources (Being the very trash you throw away each and everyday) their project is working to not only lower the cost of mining the blockchain of your choosing, but also to lower the environmental impact that doing so produces.

4NEW; Literally turning yesterday’s trash into tomorrow’s treasure

Step in the shipping containers. The team will be setting up their own mining farms based on location at the refuge plants in the specially retrofitted containers. This allows them to be mobile, and provides the much needed scalability with the expansion that is expected to come in the first few years of the project. Currently there are prototypes of these in development that are expected to be delivered onsite starting from June 2018!

Now onto the important stuff, what is inside? 4NEW has decided to focus on both ASICS S10 Antminers which run at 13.5 TH/S and GTX 1060 GPU’s, and due to the plant already breaking even from the energy produced from the waste collections process, this means that the team will be miles ahead of the competition despite mining difficulties expecting to continue to rise into the distant future.

Lets take a look at some example expectations for a container fitted with the teams mining equipment:

and now the returns that they expect to produce from this setup

Obviously these charts fluctuate at any given day based on the price of both BTC and ETH at the time, however when the plants are up and running, you will be given the chance to mine your selection from any of the top 20 current coins.

Introducing the Mining ROI calculator! Using calculations that are pegged to electricity output, which is measurable and tangible, you can get a solid basis for what you could earn from your investment (it’s worth saying that like anything in Crypto, this is not a guarantee, market prices and demand will effect this both positively and negatively, only invest what you can afford to lose)

As you can see, with an investment of $6000 you stand to see a return of $12300 in the first year, proving that it could really pay to hodl for once.

To conclude, not only will 4NEW aim to provide a cheaper, more efficient way to mine, it will be reducing the emissions and harm done to the planet which each plant it builds while providing it’s investor base with some impressive and industry beating profits.

if you are interested in taking part in the 4NEW ICO, you are in luck still, currently the website is undergoing a retrofit to implement the Ocular KYC platform, after this work is completed in 45 days, their will be a 3 day pre-listing sale which will be your last chance to purchase the KWATT tokens before it launches, keep an eye on the website.

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