4NEW- The Wait Worth It

The most interesting project there is today in the blockchain quite popular it has met some amount of controversy in recent times all of which are already been taken care of, oh yeah! i have been keenly following up the project since late last year, sometimes in the month of December, it had caught my attention due to the uniqueness and adventure it promises to bring in to the world and not only in crypto space.

I had seen some other industry come into the blockchain at the time but I was never thinking of a tokenized electricity, like many crypto enthusiast who struggled with the concept earlier on, i had my doubt as to how they intend to pull such huge feat as having electricity in a coin that could contribute to the national grid as well as use to mine the top 20 currency of ones choice, the engineering and all of that.

Reading through the whitepaper I could see  clearly all that was intended to be achieved by the 4new project and like many crypto enthusiast had become hopeful, excited at a Green future where we would have both a clean, healthier environment and also improved energy service – 4new is to convert waste into energy for free!

Waste To Energy

According to www.theworldcounts.com we are producing a gigantic amount of waste in the world and total waste in the world is quite enormous, a whooping 2.12 billion tons a year! check here https://bit.ly/1kuPA4a

With 4new engineering, this huge amount of waste can be converted to energy, tokenized and contributed to the National electric grid in a win-win situation for all in the kwatt ecosystem.

A complex process that has seen 4New secure 2 plants in the Uk with an estimated value on completion of US$ 100m.

And according to 4new president saransh 2 more are planned to be built from scratch, in a blockchain masternodes-like concept to make kwatt(energy) flow back and forth,  president Saransh Sharma talk more on it here https://bit.ly/2KCfMh8

Upon attaining critical mass adoption with B2B adoption, according to whitepaper KWATT is positioned to be the next bitcoin and starting 2018, KWATT coin holders will be able to use their coin for the following services as a payment tender;

  • Mining Farm – Holders will be able to interact with the blockchain to mine any currencies of their choosing.
  • Money Transfer Company – Ability to deal with 2 licensed operating global money transfer companies with a collective monthly money transfer turnover of over $25 Million USD in 15 track records.
  • Licenced pharmacy: Kwatt coin holder will be able to purchase medication with their Kwatt coin upon completion of the beta phase from a fully licensed pharmacy
  • Insurance company – Health insurance payment system is in view too as an added benefit for the Kwatt coin holder

The Pause

If you have stayed long in this space then terms like KYC/AML shouldn’t be new and 4new ain’t the first but truth be told it is has neccessary as the project itself in the case of any eventualities for traceability and transparency, 4new ICO was and still paused till 1st June 9am for a 3 day pre-listing which is another opportunity for those yet to buy the kwatt token and even for already investors to bag some more token.

ps; hope you are aware of the staking benefits and 4new plans for token holders?

Worth The Wait?

I think the answer has been written so far and as an added spice I will do a “Do you know” session as a form of conclusion in today’s post

  • Do you know the energy efficiency of Bitcoin mining is significantly worse than initially anticipated? and that the associated carbon footprint is worrisome as well too?
  • Do you know in comparison to bitmain which is a bitcoin mining site which consumes 40 megawatts per hour invariable happens to be 4new output capacity?
  • Do you know that  4new has recently been awarded with the Mahatma Ghandi Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding services, Achievements and Contributions in conjunction with the NRI Welfare Society of India. https://bit.ly/2HPZpf3

I guess its worth the wait after all as interesting times are ahead of us

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