4New-What We All Need

Recently I was looking for a project to invest in, then I saw this project it was called 4New. Let me tell you more about how I got attracted to this project. The first thing that got me to want to look more this project was the name 4New, Yes you saw that right. 4New what does it mean? To be honest I don’t know it just sounded so simple, so unique and straight forward. Like they meant four new great ideas, four new great products, four new great solutions to environmental problems and the list I built in my mind went on and on, sorry I can’t list them all out. And then I decided to check out their whitepaper and what I saw amazed me. Let me just quote a part of their whitepaper “4New Team is proud to announce the world’s first coin ever, that embodies electricity. Our product is grounded in necessities, solving three global & social problems; waste surplus, energy shortfall and voracious “.

Did you read that they are a product centered on using electricity to solve three social and global problems?

Another part of the whitepaper stated that “4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly, tangible, blockchain ecosystem powered by waste to energy power plants. The concept is quite simple, the process of refining waste product into water and organic materials creates energy and that is then leveraged to either be sold to the national grid or applied to operate mining processes at an onsite mining farm.”

You saw that right 4New is a project that are going to be producing energy from waste. Collecting waste from our environments to produce electricity which is going to be used in mining both 4New coins which are called Kwatt coin and not only kwatt coins but also used in mining other cryptocurrency due to the large power and energy required to mine cryptocurrencies. If you did not know, mining bitcoin and ethereum requires a lot of energy or rather consumes a lot of energy and this energy consumption rate can be comparable with the energy consumed by a lot of countries. Yeah a lot, countries like Syria and Bangladesh use similar energy as the ones required to mine ethereum and bitcoin.

Let’s go back to the waste, were will the waste be gotten? From what I understand or know, 4New will get the waste from either individuals, the environment or waste companies who are willing to give the waste to 4New to process to energy. And also 4New will be paid for the waste collected which is one of the method 4New will use to generate revenue.

From the above short description of the 4New project you can see that there are many benefits attached to what 4New is proposing and in my mind I was like they said they are trying to solve three global and social problems while I can count multiple problems 4New is going to counter like

  • The waste collected can keep our environment clean
  • The waste collected can improve our health by reducing or eradicating pollutions and other health hazards.
  • The energy or power that is going to be generated can be used to mine kwatt coins for free. Yes for free the only payment attach is the payment for kwatt coin.
  • The energy will be beneficial to our community by improving power supply in the society especially in communities where they lack it.
  • The energy can also make businesses and industries spend less on buying diesel for running their day to day activities.
  • The energy provided can improve the work efficiencies of those living in areas where they hardly see constant power supply.
  • Environmental hazards can be reduced.

I think I might have missed some but you can deduce those from what I have stated.

Let’s now get to how 4New will try to sustain their project and keep things moving.

  1. Funds will be generated from waste collected by 4New.
  2.  4New will gain funds from selling byproducts, fertilizers and water gotten by processing the waste.
  3. Funds will also be generated from their crowd sale or I should say have been generated from their crowd sale in which they have raised over 40 million usd.
  4. And lastly 4New will keep some part of the kwatt token which will also serve as part of their revenue.

Let’s Now move to how far 4New have gone in their project.

  1. During the 4New crowd sale they have managed to raise over 42.1 million u.s dollars which is above their soft cap. And to make matters better for those who might have taught they missed out you are in luck because before they could complete the ico they had to pause and implemented kyc which led to them creating a new site for that purpose and also they announced that there would be a 3 days pre-listing sale which will come up in 35 days as of the time of writing this article.

4New have managed to acquire 2 plants in which they are going to use to process the waste and produce their electricity, water and fertilizers.

I will be dropping the links to their youtube videos if you wish to take a tour around the plants or see the drone videos of the plant.

Here is the link for the drone footage: https://youtu.be/qi9i3gwPK5U

Here is the link for the plant tour: https://youtu.be/b7RdYIdpugA

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