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The 4NEW Token – KWATT Coins

Power Plant Integration

Our first plant will launch with the capacity of 9 megawatts per hour. When plant operations are streamlined, the infrastructure will be able to increase output capacity to 40 megawatts per hour. One megawatt is equivalent to 1,000 kilowatts. On average, one megawatt can power 1,000 households for a day.

The maximum annual output capacity of the plant is 346 million kilowatts per year. Realistically, expected annual output capacity is estimated at 300 million kilowatts per year, after accounting for maintenance and repairs.

A typical Waste to Energy plant takes over 50 years to depreciate to its salvage value. Regular maintenance and upkeep will allow us to extend plant life beyond that.

For the next 50-plus years, KWATT Coin holders will be able to apply their energy to one of two places. They can either sell their energy to the UK National Grid, or they can choose to apply it towards 4NEW’s cryptocurrency mining farm.

At the start of each year, KWATT Coin holders will be able to choose how their energy is used. Energy is determined by the total amount of KWATT Coins in their control at the time of this election. Management reserves the right to determine a user’s energy allocation if a decision is not made within the allotted time frame.

The price of 1 kilowatt of electricity is historically very stable. Over the past 50 years, the global average is approximately $0.15 USD per kilowatt, inflation adjusted.


ICO Process

4NEW will never authorize any additional coin issuance over the three hundred million coin hard cap. Therefore, all 4NEW plant sites will rely on the coin supply issued in the ICO. Each year, 35% of profits are allocated towards the development of additional plants. This will increase business longevity and scalability.

4NEW Insiders and Founders will be restricted from selling any coins until January 1, 2019. Any KWATT Coins not sold in the offering will be burned. All burned tokens will release their stored up energy, allowing unencumbered energy to be freely sold to the UK national grid or applied towards the mining farm at management’s discretion.

Management, at its sole discretion, may decide to extend the ICO end date indefinitely.


Discounted Cashflow Analysis


Discount (inflation) Rate: 2%
Expected Annual Cash Flow: $0.20
Number Of Payments: 50


-C0 = Initial Investment
C = Cash Flow
r = Discount Rate
T = Time

Net Present Value

(NPV) = $6.26


Please note : The NPV above is the present value of all future cash flows from the energy produced over the lifetime of the plant on a per kilowatt basis. This is NOT a calculation of the value of the KWATT Coin. External influences may cause the token to be priced higher or lower than these projections. The above valuation is NOT a guarantee of any real returns or results, and should not be considered investment advice. FX conversion rates can potentially cause fluctuations in the cash flow assumptions.


  • Each KWATT Coin is equal to 1 kW of electricity.

  • The global average retail price of electricity is $0.15 per kW.

  • The global average wholesale price of electricity is $0.05 per kW.

  • The 4NEW mining operation will pay $0.20 per kW. Therefore, each coin represents an intrinsic value of $0.20 per kW of electricity.

  • All energy generated by the plant will be owned by KWATT Coin holders.
  • KWATT Coin holders can either sell their energy to the UK national grid or apply it to 4NEW’s mining farm.
  • Net revenues generated from energy sales to the crypto mining farm will be distributed in cryptocurrencies to coin holders annually.
  • Net revenues generated from energy sales to the UK national grid will be retained for future plant construction, resulting in additional KWATT distributions for coin holders.
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