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Given the recent popularity of the KWATT Coin, there has been an increase in phishing attacks against individuals attempting to purchase the KWATT Coin, Please do not purchase any KWATT Coins other than from this website and it’s crowdsale address.

The authenticity of any coins purchased from any other source than this website cannot be honoured or validated.


As of September 30 2017, 1 Bitcoin transaction consumes as much power as the daily average consumption of 7.5 US households.
As of December 31 2017, 1 Bitcoin transaction consumes as much power as the daily average consumption of 10.5 US households.
As of January 31 2018, 1 Bitcoin transaction consumes as much power as the daily average consumption of 17.5 US households.

Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is not feasible or sustainable at this rate.

What is 4New?

4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly, tangible, waste to energy power plant entirely integrated on the blockchain network and dedicated to crypto-mining.
We collect the waste, process it through a high pressured combustion chamber generating free energy and organic byproducts.
We apply this free energy to an onsite crypto-mining farm resolving the achilles heel of cryptocurrencies; voracious energy consumption met with free energy production.

We are producers of energy, NOT an energy exchange platform.

Process Waste


Through relationships fostered by 4NEW team members over three decades within the waste and energy industries, we RECEIVE waste from aggregators enabling us to keep our waste collection costs nominal.



Through a proven waste to energy technical process that is implemented successfully in utilization across multiple countries, 4NEW is positioned to generate free energy. Waste to Energy treatment plants are successfully generating power over the past 60 years in North America and Europe.



It will enable coin holders to loan or stake their coins on a quarterly basis. The coins represent electricity on the blockchain available for utilization by miners. Miners will have the ability to utilize staked energy, as represented by the coin, to process transactions within the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

Revolutionize &
Three Industries

We will provide a blockchain platform that will enable decentralized, peer to peer transactions whereby production of energy can directly meet the consumption of energy globally. We will revolutionize the industries of Waste, Energy and Crypto-mining ushering a new era.


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Why Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency transactions fees are calculated based on the amount of energy consumed in mining the currency. This is called the hash rate. During periods of high transaction volume, greater amount of energy is consumed to transact even nominal amounts of currency. This causes the cost of transactions to spike.
4NEW enjoys a unique vantage point to generate and apply its free energy towards crypto-mining. This will enable standardization of transaction fees within the crypto community.
This standardization of fees cannot be matched by any other blockchain as they have to purchase their energy from power plants at retail prices.

4NEW will usher the global widespread, mainstream utilization of cryptocurrencies.

1 KWATT Coin embodies within it 1 kilowatt of electricity.

Therefore, the KWATT Coin is tokenized electricity.

The KWATT Coin embodies a lifetime supply of electricity produced by the power plant and represents a Power Purchase Agreement between the token holder and 4NEW as represented by the ERC20 smart contract. Historically, Power Purchase Agreements were only available to bulk buyers of energy directly from power plants at wholesale prices.

4NEW is removing the middle man and placing the power in the hands of the people, literally.

What can you do
with your KWATT Coins?

The KWATT Coin is an Ethereum ERC20 smart contract that represents a power purchase agreement between the token holder and 4NEW.

Stake It

In 2018, you can stake KWATT to apply your electricity towards crypto mining transactions.

Trade It

In 2018, you can trade KWATT to pay for electric bills.

Utilize It

In 2018. you can utilize KWATT for global healthcare and money transfer services.

Take Charge Now!

We are revolutionizing and standardizing two Industries,
one day at a time. Be a part of our tomorrow, today.



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